Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mental Block.

A case of writers block. It's something the mind conjures when they can't think of anything, or if the person has suffered a traumatic memory.

Where am I going with this?

The cloaked man.

He was never real.

He was a figment of my damaged psyche.

That's why no one else could see him. That's why I never recognized him. Because he was never real.

There are a few questions that have been plaguing my mind since I came to this revelation.

What DID attack me on that night? What did I see back at Justins house that was so bad, it had to fit something else in my head that ended up attacking me. And this all real? Is JUSTIN real?

Or am I just insane?


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  2. You're not insane Anthony. Just really, really stressed out. Perhaps you need to take some time off and try to relax, instead of being so strung up.

    - DJ