Sunday, October 31, 2010

What I Know

It figures my internet only kicks in on Halloween, when I manage to find out my information about my friend a few days ago. Let's see what I can remember.

So I go into the police station and I ask about Justin. At first it almost didn't look like they were going to give me anything, but I managed to talk to someone and, really, it was just one thing after another I knew about, it was just confirming it for me I suppose.

There was no sign of forced entry, and neighbors don't remember hearing anything like sounds of violence (Outside of his own, I suppose). No confiscated evidence that he didn't smash to pieces (Which makes me think he took his laptop and camera even more), and the grafitti on the wall was his own doing.

I asked him if there was anything else weird, if he was acting weird, if they found something off. Anything. Get this.

Apparently they've had someone stake out the house, make sure no one goes in and vandalizes it, just in case they were missing something. The guy watching it out says there was only one case of any kind of disturbance, and it was recently.

Some guy in the backyard. Wearing a business suit and just standing there.

I think my hunting job just got back into business.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Here's What I found... that I can breath again and rationalize what the hell I just saw, pondering whether or not I should call the cops and quivering to myself in the corner, I can now think rationally. I suppose it's good if I post my findings here, so if I need something to analyze, it's this.

So I went to my friends house, which is a good hour and a half drive in this little podunk down full of otherwise nice people. My friend moved out about a year ago after he and his dad had one titanic fight (long story short, trips to the ER and Baseball bat wounds to the chest. He comes from a bit of a messed up family), and has since then been living on his own, with some support from his older brother every now and again. He's got houses on either side of him, nice enough people.

I get to the house and I find police tape around the house and it looked like no one was in it. I immediately thought the worst, that his father went off on a drunken bender and came back to finish the job. However, when I talked to the neighbors, I discovered that this had happened almost a week ago and no, no one came to visit him. That got my hopes up. However, they DID hear what sounded like someone shouting back then, but they couldn't get close enough to see what was going on.

I managed to get through the police tape (Oh god, now that I think about it, that was a bad idea, stupid me), and sneak into the house (door was open, thank god), and manage to get myself in.

The place was absolutely TRASHED.

I'm not kidding, it wasn't a big elaborate house, so there wasn't much room for him to go so he mainly stayed in the living room where he had the TV and internet access and game systems. The place was wrecked...I'll try to remember what  remember specifically.

I walk in and the first thing I notice was his TV (Standard thing, about 48 inches I guess) has a massive hole in it, immediately I knw why because there was a baseball bat going through the screen. On the other side was his computer and his hard drive, which looks like he went to town on that first. The hard drive was cracked open and looked like it had been beaten into the ground a few dozen times, and the monitor had another huge hole in it. The light fan he had was smashed too, with only two blades left.

None of the windows were cracked, which was the strangest thing, and there was no blood anywhere. So I guess (not that I know anyhting, Im not a specialist in this sort of thing), but I don't think this was a break in. I didn't want to stay long, lest someone think I'm the guy returning to the scene of the crime, but I did notice three things.

1) His laptop was gone. He never left anywhere without his Laptop and never let anyone outside of him touch it. So unless the police had it, he had it, and that meant he was probably alive somewhere.

2) Camera was gone too. not smashed or anything, he always kept the thing charged off to the side  on his table, cord was gone too. If he IS gone, he probably has it too.

3) Most chilling of all, I saw something on the wall. Something was etched in, probably with his knife that he had. It wasn't an operator symbol, so no leads there (Damn, is it horrible of me to say I wanted it to be?), but it did have some significance somewhere. It said...


Well...looks like I'm taking a trip to the police station tomorrow. Wish me luck

Oh Crap

Oh, crap, that's bad. I just got back from my friends house. I can't think straight.

I'll have the post when I can think straight. Oh god. Oh god.

No Answers

Those of you who have been following likely know what I planned to do in my previous post that I planned on encountering my friend in hopes of obtaining his Camera. However, there have been quite a few issues with this, let's get started.

1) Upon calling my friends house, I was left with a loud beep, as if the phone itself had been disconnected. This is an issue with my friend, he tends to forget to pay his bills a lot. So I have no way to contact him (His cell phone got broken in a prank last year and has yet to buy a new one)

2) He hasn't been answering his AIM OR MSN, Emails keep being bounced back to me and nothing else keeps coming. Originally I had no car to drive to, but thankfully I FINALLY got paid.

I can go over to his house tonight after I get some gas in the tank. I'll be back once I grab his camera.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Dammit all...

I know, I know, I've been away for a long time and I know little to nothing has been accomplished around here, but it seems Karma likes to laugh at people trying to essentially set themselves up for disaster, because surprise sur-fucking-prise, my camera broke so no pictures about stake out locations, I'm afraid.

I guess this means I'll have to see if I can take some pictures with my camera, which is probably going to suck in context with my camera I originally tried to do. So while I may not have any pictures at the moment (I'm trying to contact my friend, see if I can borrow HIS camera) I've been doing some research on our little test subject, collected information and what not. A little knowledge can go a long way after all!

Sadly, I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary in terms of sheer weirdness. My computer/TV/Anything electronic totally flipping it's shit, there's been no Operator signs etched into anything around me, there's been no kids disappearing around my general location, and I don't seem to be stalked by tall pale faceless men in clean pressed business suits.

I guess all I can do is pray my friend can get me that camera, maybe I'll have someone to do all this with, granted he doesn't think of me as batshit when I ask him to stake out a paranormal, otherwordly force.