Friday, January 28, 2011


It's been a quiet couple of days, it's been really peaceful. But then something happened. Justin was watching TV, flicking channel through channel in an effort to watch something. I was next to him, playing my DS, being a lazy husk that I was.

He stops on a news station, where there was a burning building. He stares, I don't really notice. Fire isn't that uncommon. Over my gaming, I do hear that the fire department did do everything in their power to stop the fire, but they were too late. The occupants, man and woman, husband and wife, died before they could be rescued.

I look over at Justin wondering why he found this so interesting. He didn't look stunned, or shocked, or even surprised. He just said something that made my heart drop.

"That's my mom and dad's house."

I don't think I've heard the house that silent in forever.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

With new Additions

So I've been gone for about a good part of the week, but that's to be expected when my friend Justin seemed to come the fuck out of no where and I clocked him in the head with a bad. Honestly, I'm stunned he doesn't have a concussion, or amnesia, but then he could at least blame it on me and not Slenderman, huh? Heh. God I'm bad at jokes.

So anyway, over the past few days I've been helping out Justin and giving him a place to stay. After he woke up after that little incident, I asked him what had happened back at his house. Of course, understandably, he didn't seem to answer it honestly, just little answer like "Stuff" and "a lot.". NOthing really to leave on, so I kept out of the fact I stayed at his house, I just told him I heard about the incident from his mother. He seemed to buy it.

So he told me he needed a place to stay for a little bit, he explained that he was kinda house hopping (I remind you all he would rather die than go back to his house, since his father is still there), so he's been bouncing around from house to house over the past few months. When I asked why he woudln't just stay at those places, he just said,

"Personal reasons".

So, being the awesome friend that I am, I'm going to let him stay at my place for a few days on the fact that he helps out and what have you, I'm not running a pigsty around here. He also wondered why I was sleeping with a bat to begin with.

"Personal reasons".

He's such an ass, he punched me when I said that. So over the past week, he's been staying at my place and he has been helping me. In fact, he's helped the whole thing just disappear from my mind. It's good to get back into the funk of real life again. It's good to just move on.

Maybe things can get back to normal really soon.

...I don't think I'll be showing him this blog.

Personal Reasons.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Surprise Guest

Hectic bit. Here we go.

Just woke up an hour ago, I was facing my wall and my hand on my Mumbabat as I had been the past week or so. I think I woke up because I...FELT something behind me. I'm laying there, hand n the bat, feeling...whatever was behind me just standing there. My heart was going a mile a minute. Was it him? Could this have been it?

Using the element of surprise as much as I could, I swung the bat, not caring where it was aiming, just trying to hit him. When I felt the bat connect with something, and the body fell, I jumped up, rushed for the light and turned it on.

I don't remember Slender Man being this...short, I think the term was. I honestly thought he was a lot taller than this. My heart sank a little bit when I saw he wasn't wearing a tie, and there was in fact hair on his head. So I cautiously approached him and poked him with the Mumbabat. Whatever the hell this thing was, it was out cold.

So I poke him again and flipped him a little onto his back. There I saw his face. There I dropped the bat in shock. It wasn't Slender Man, it wasn't even the masked guy.

It was Justin.

in a fit of panic, I accidently knocked out my best friend who had been missing for the good part of a month.

I immediately checked his pulse (He's still alive, thank god), but he's gonna be pretty pissed about that bump that's forming on he side of his head. I dragged him out of my room and onto my couch, just...letting him rest. He's been there for the past house.

I finally found Justin.

And I cracked him in the head with my bat.


I've got some questions to ask him when he wakes up...


I've been reflecting a little bit on my life lately since the last nightmare I've had. I sit here, expecting something to happen that's probably never going to happen, and I think about that night. The fact that someone was in his house and he was there, he could have probably come in and slit my throat if he so wanted to.

What the confusing thing is, I've NEVER seen the cloaked person before. I've seen his face full on, and as much as I try to remember, he doesn't ring any sort of bells with me. I haven't seen him anywhere in my entire life. However, if I had to assume, if he's there, if he was at the house, he has to be affiliated with the big guy himself.

I don't think he's a proxie, or at least I pray he isn't. The guy was pretty big, he could probably overtake me even if I did have the bat with me. So either this guy was a random thug that happened upon the house and saw no one was inside of it, or he's a proxie. Its still worrying that he appeared in the same Nightmare I had with Slender Man. Of course, that could be symbolism, or just a collection of my fears starting to hit the same places.

I'd drop this al if I had the change, I'd drop it and forget it if I did, but my mind keeps going back to that night. Ugh, I feel like a broken record now, I keep going on about "That night" "that night" "that night." I should try to forget it.

I should try to get some sleep tonight. Hopefully I'll have some pleasent dreams, or at least sleep more than 2 hours.

A guy can dream, can't he?

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Isn't it a rule that if you're having nightmares, it's usually a bad sign, like something being near? I don't know, all I know is I had one hell of a doozy last night. I'm not sure what it means, but I'll try to recollect here, otherwise I'll  never remember it.

I remember the first thing, it was me and Justin just hanging out one day. Just me and him at his new house, playing Guitar Hero or some stupid shit I can't remember. It wasn't anything weird, and it was kind of nice and comforting, like before this all happened, when my Life was nice and care free.

A few moments later (like...15 seconds of this), I'm suddenly thrust into darkness, absolutely nothing around me. I can't remember what happens next, I suck at recollecting my dreams and nightmares. I suck hard. BUt anyway, I'm in the darkness for a few seconds from what I can remember.

What I can remember next is I'm in the middle of his house, like the night I stayed. The place is a wreck, and it's all in monocrom...I don't know, I'm not gonna question why my dream decided to lose color. The "COME GET ME" on the wall is the only thing colored, bright red and...throbbing. There's almost no sound, save for this annoying BUMP, BUMP, BUMP, like a heart beat or something. I just stay there in the middle of the room when it flashes.

There's something else in the room with me after that flash, and I can sense it. Before I can do anything else, another flash and that weird cloaked guy from earlier is in front of me, right in front of the COME GET ME. Another flash, and his face is shown again. I don't recognize it, but the fact he stared at me like that, with such...coldness...

Another flash and he's gone, and this time, guess who should be looking into the window? No, it wasn't the cloaked man, but Slender Man himself. Before I can do anything else, the window fucking EXPLODES and everything goes black.

I woke up after that, in a cold sweat.

I don't like nightmares.

A New Year

2010. What a fucking year for everyone who has been touched by Slender Man. Lives lost, loved ones gone forever, lives ruined.

The ball dropped, and it's 2011 right now. The Earth has been around for one hell of a long time. If we humans can survive as long as we have with him, I'm sure we can now.

Of course, with each new year there seems to be a new surprise. Be it good, be it bad, a surprise is a surprise. Let's pray this new year brings something good to those of you who've lost something from this thing.

Here's hoping that for the first time in weeks, it seems, I get a good night sleep and not wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air, memories of the house haunting me. I don't know why that night affects me. Not much happened outside of my arm and that weird person being in the backyard.

Maybe something else happened...I don't know...let's hope I get some sleep this time around. I'm so tired...