Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Surprise Guest

Hectic bit. Here we go.

Just woke up an hour ago, I was facing my wall and my hand on my Mumbabat as I had been the past week or so. I think I woke up because I...FELT something behind me. I'm laying there, hand n the bat, feeling...whatever was behind me just standing there. My heart was going a mile a minute. Was it him? Could this have been it?

Using the element of surprise as much as I could, I swung the bat, not caring where it was aiming, just trying to hit him. When I felt the bat connect with something, and the body fell, I jumped up, rushed for the light and turned it on.

I don't remember Slender Man being this...short, I think the term was. I honestly thought he was a lot taller than this. My heart sank a little bit when I saw he wasn't wearing a tie, and there was in fact hair on his head. So I cautiously approached him and poked him with the Mumbabat. Whatever the hell this thing was, it was out cold.

So I poke him again and flipped him a little onto his back. There I saw his face. There I dropped the bat in shock. It wasn't Slender Man, it wasn't even the masked guy.

It was Justin.

in a fit of panic, I accidently knocked out my best friend who had been missing for the good part of a month.

I immediately checked his pulse (He's still alive, thank god), but he's gonna be pretty pissed about that bump that's forming on he side of his head. I dragged him out of my room and onto my couch, just...letting him rest. He's been there for the past house.

I finally found Justin.

And I cracked him in the head with my bat.


I've got some questions to ask him when he wakes up...

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