Wednesday, January 19, 2011

With new Additions

So I've been gone for about a good part of the week, but that's to be expected when my friend Justin seemed to come the fuck out of no where and I clocked him in the head with a bad. Honestly, I'm stunned he doesn't have a concussion, or amnesia, but then he could at least blame it on me and not Slenderman, huh? Heh. God I'm bad at jokes.

So anyway, over the past few days I've been helping out Justin and giving him a place to stay. After he woke up after that little incident, I asked him what had happened back at his house. Of course, understandably, he didn't seem to answer it honestly, just little answer like "Stuff" and "a lot.". NOthing really to leave on, so I kept out of the fact I stayed at his house, I just told him I heard about the incident from his mother. He seemed to buy it.

So he told me he needed a place to stay for a little bit, he explained that he was kinda house hopping (I remind you all he would rather die than go back to his house, since his father is still there), so he's been bouncing around from house to house over the past few months. When I asked why he woudln't just stay at those places, he just said,

"Personal reasons".

So, being the awesome friend that I am, I'm going to let him stay at my place for a few days on the fact that he helps out and what have you, I'm not running a pigsty around here. He also wondered why I was sleeping with a bat to begin with.

"Personal reasons".

He's such an ass, he punched me when I said that. So over the past week, he's been staying at my place and he has been helping me. In fact, he's helped the whole thing just disappear from my mind. It's good to get back into the funk of real life again. It's good to just move on.

Maybe things can get back to normal really soon.

...I don't think I'll be showing him this blog.

Personal Reasons.

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  1. AT least things are beginning to look up for you.
    Hopefully they stay that way.