Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I've been reflecting a little bit on my life lately since the last nightmare I've had. I sit here, expecting something to happen that's probably never going to happen, and I think about that night. The fact that someone was in his house and he was there, he could have probably come in and slit my throat if he so wanted to.

What the confusing thing is, I've NEVER seen the cloaked person before. I've seen his face full on, and as much as I try to remember, he doesn't ring any sort of bells with me. I haven't seen him anywhere in my entire life. However, if I had to assume, if he's there, if he was at the house, he has to be affiliated with the big guy himself.

I don't think he's a proxie, or at least I pray he isn't. The guy was pretty big, he could probably overtake me even if I did have the bat with me. So either this guy was a random thug that happened upon the house and saw no one was inside of it, or he's a proxie. Its still worrying that he appeared in the same Nightmare I had with Slender Man. Of course, that could be symbolism, or just a collection of my fears starting to hit the same places.

I'd drop this al if I had the change, I'd drop it and forget it if I did, but my mind keeps going back to that night. Ugh, I feel like a broken record now, I keep going on about "That night" "that night" "that night." I should try to forget it.

I should try to get some sleep tonight. Hopefully I'll have some pleasent dreams, or at least sleep more than 2 hours.

A guy can dream, can't he?

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