Friday, January 28, 2011


It's been a quiet couple of days, it's been really peaceful. But then something happened. Justin was watching TV, flicking channel through channel in an effort to watch something. I was next to him, playing my DS, being a lazy husk that I was.

He stops on a news station, where there was a burning building. He stares, I don't really notice. Fire isn't that uncommon. Over my gaming, I do hear that the fire department did do everything in their power to stop the fire, but they were too late. The occupants, man and woman, husband and wife, died before they could be rescued.

I look over at Justin wondering why he found this so interesting. He didn't look stunned, or shocked, or even surprised. He just said something that made my heart drop.

"That's my mom and dad's house."

I don't think I've heard the house that silent in forever.


  1. So I just read all the posts in this blog... And I've been doing some research on all this Slender Man stuff myself. There's not a hell of a lot, but thusfar I've gotten this far: It's a meme that's getting out of control, and it's got a lot of parts to it.
    The thing that sliced open your arm and that you heard in Justin's house earlier on... What it sounds like it was, was the Rake. At least that slice to your arm sounds like something it would do, and it did to some other people allegedly.
    The hooded figure, and this one I haven't looked into too much on yet, may have been the Observer, or something like it. It watches and waits, and acts, from what I've gathered, as something of an informant for Slender man and/or this other entity, HABIT. Whether or not that's the case is honestly beyond me.
    The real question is, why was Justin targeted in the first place?

  2. hey man, I just read through your blog and hope your ok, still alive and kicking. Good luck on the hunt. I probably don't need to tell you how much a bad idea this is right?