Saturday, August 18, 2012

Okay, I guess the best way to start this is a recap. If you haven't read the blog or are to lazy to do that, then here it is.

My friend Anthony decided to hunt down the Slenderman and wanted to drag me along, not knowing I was all ready long gone. Shit hits the fan, we meet up, he starts getting followed, one day the big guy comes into our house and 'takes him' or whatever it is they're calling it now, and I'm on my own with the laptop that used to belong to him. Now I'm on the run on an even worse way now, because at least with Michael I had a place to crash, and last I heard the place burned down.

Some of you may be asking. "Why did it take you so long to keep us updated?" Well, long story short, being a nomad against my will without a job, any form of income and having to bum rides off of people has left me in a less than stellar way. I was thinking about selling the laptop for the longest time but figured the stuff on here was way too important to let into someone elses hands. I know, it's all on the internet but still.

It's been about a year since anyone updated and here's a good reason: This thing had no charge, and it wasn't until recently I was able to get a power cord for this thing. Now you may be asking, "Why on earth would you use money you could have used for food or transport or even a place to stay on a laptop power cord?" Thing is, I feel safer with this thing. I feel like, well, what Anthony must have been feeling. Having the chance to write up whatever's happening to you kinda takes the edge off. So what can I say, I'll get money at a later date and I don't need to eat immediately.

My travels have brought me to Minnesota. That's all the info I'm divulging because, ya know, personal and safety reasons. I don't have a plan outside of live, and I'm not sure where to go from here.

So I guess I'll update here for a while. See where this takes me.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Well I'll be damned

Guess this is what perseverance will get you, huh? Managed to scrape up some money and grabbed a new power cord for this thing. Stunned it still works. Things built like a fucking tank.

Hello everyone, my name is Justin.

I'll be taking over for Anthony.

Welcome to my hell.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

There, I finally got a fucking signal on this piece of hit.

Hello readers of this blog, it's me, Justin. You may be wondering where Anthony is, right? Well, here's what happened, and I'm not good at thi blog thing so forgive me for being subtle.

Anthony's gone. No, he's not dead, but at this point he'd be better off. No, the big guy has his tentacles in the only person I can call a friend at this point. Through his own voilition or through mind fuckery, I haven't a clue and I doubt I ever will. Either way, he's gone, and now I'm totally alone at this point.

Woke up almost a week ago seeing Anthony lifting up his bat and swung it down almost near my head. I jump out of the way and kick him in the stomach and make him stumble. I assume the worst and head out of there, but not before I grabbed Anthony's laptop. Why? I figured it may come in handy at some point.

So as soon as that happens, I run out of there with no Anthony following me. Guess I'm stronger than I figured I was, heh. I run out of the house and turn around one more time and there he is, the big guy himself, in the upper floor of Anthony's house staring at me out the window. Prick.

You're wondering why I didn't say anything sooner, huh? I've been traveling anyway I can. Scrounging the ground for bus money, hitch hiking, and various other things. Only just got into Nebraska today, writing this in a Starbucks before I hit the road.

This thing does't have much charge left in it I'm afraid, so I'm trying to write this as fast as possible. If I can get a charge, or if something else happens, I'll try to write here, but for now, it looks like this will be the final post on this blog. Good riddance. This thing has ruined enough lives all ready.

I guess I should end it like a bad ass huh? Well, let's see.

You tall, pale son of a bitch. I know you're out there. I know you're proxies are probably reading this. Let me just tell you all this. One way or another, I'm killing the son of a bitch. I'll go down fighting before I submit. I'm getting Anthony back one way or another.

I'm coming for you.


Friday, April 22, 2011

He came to me

I woke up and he was standing above my bed. Id idn't move. couldn't. like i was in a trance. He was just...staring at me. head tilted to the side like he was fascinated with me. couldn't say a word

he touches me forehead. hes so cold. hes so....cold. my mind is filled with...horrid images that...that are so..beautiful. such beautiful horror fills my mind as he touches my forehead. i cant describe them. is this was conaghan saw?

he leaves when the images leave my field of vision. i...dont know whats come over me. he could be controlling me. it could be my own choice. i dont know. maybe ill never know.

I..just want you all to know...Justin included...

Im sorry.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I almost want to say the storms that keep hammering my town are a bad omen. It's always dark, more tornadoes than I know what to do with. Well, not so much tornadoes, but warnings, and aside from being stalked, they're my main fear of this. So...yeah. What has happened.

I've been seeing him more and more each time. Out of the corner of my eye, from the cracks behind the wood reinforcing the windows. Just standing there, biding his time. He's there one second and gone the next. Like he's toying with us. Messing with us.

Justin hasn't been good either. I can't imagine anyone beng good after seeing one of their siblings getting their throat ripped out, or whatever happened to Luke. He's been more distant lately, and avoiding conversation. I can't say I blame him, not when he's lost his entire family in a matter of months.

Nothing else to report I'm afraid. I'm going to head to bed soon. Try to get some fresh air. After all, I have a feeling my days are numbered. May as well enjoy them while I can, eh?


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Last Night

Justin's all right. Shit went down in the worst ways imaginable. I'm not sure how long I'll make this one, Justin's boarding up the house even more than before. I don't think Sleep is going to be an option anytime soon.

I get to the house around 9 my time, and find the whole place unlocked (Thankfully for me, I suppose) and get in to find...a whole lot of nothing. I'm standing there, thinking they're gone but I hear something coming from down the hallway. I go down there, towards Justin's room back when he lived here. I see Justin, but no Luke, kneeling there in the middle of his room, shaking and rocking back and forth and mumbling something to himself.

I kneel down beside him to hear what he's saying.


And wouldn't you believe it, the temperature drops a few dozen more degrees when I feel like...a SHEET of evil drape over the entire room. I slowly turn around to see, who else, the whole reason behind this blog, the big guy himself. I feel the air disappear from my lungs, and I can't look away.

He just stood there, his head tilting to the side like he was interested in us, FASCINATED in us, his tentacles out and splayed proudly. A strange sound filled my ears slowly, almost like a glass filling up with water, getting more pronounced the more I stared. It was a high pitched ringing, that gave off into something a little bit more...horrific. I swear to you all reading this, the ringing turned to SCREAMING.

All kinds of screams of all kinds of pitches, like a chorus of the damned being tortured in hell for various things. I swear at one point I heard someone scream "HELP ME." God, was that was people heard when he was around that close? Was THAT what caused the distortion?

I wouldn't hear it for long, because I blacked out for a while, only to be awoken by someone dragging me down the hall. I panicked for a minute but couldn't find myself to move. Looking up for a second, I saw it was Justin doing the dragging. His clothes were shredded and he was leaking a horrible amount of blood. Before we got out of the house, I saw a foot sticking out from one of the doorways and a pool of blood stemming from it. I think I knew what happened to Luke...

Next thing I know, I'm in the car with Justin driving away as fast as humanly possible and breaking at least 3 laws at the minimum. I'm barely concious as I'm seeing the street lamps zipping by, expecting to see the big guy appear at any second. We made it home without any worries. Whatever happened next, I don't remember, but I think I passed out for a little while longer while he cleaned up and began to board up the house even more.

So...I don't know what to expect now. I'm scared. Again.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Son of a...

Why at this point in time, at NIGHT, NIGHT OF all things would Justin decide to do THIS? I just came back to find a note on my laptop.


Went with Luke back to my place. Shouldn't be long, but there's something there, I just know it. I shouldn't be long, don't wait up."

Look, general knowledge says going back to places of previous attacks is a very, very bad idea. But I suppose he'll be fine. He has his brother with him, right?


I must be losing my fucking mind.

I'll be back soon.