Monday, August 23, 2010

The Plan Itself

Hey guys, me again. So like I said in my last journal, I'm going to be using this as a means to write down my encounters of the Slender Man, something of a journal to chronicle my adventure...I hope.

So let's see, I guess the first thing would be to say what I have in my arsenal. Sadly, I'm in between jobs right now so money is real tight, but I still get paid for doing a few things for my neighbors. The best I can do right now is hope to use my little camera I managed to borrow from my mom, and if I can I'll try to figure out if this thing has video capabilities. If not, then most of the videos will likely be restricted to my Web cam, I hate to say.

Game plan, okay. I live in a little podunk down in the Midwest, and while I may not be surrounded by wildlife and nature itself, there are a few select places I can imagine tall, dark and gruesome likely being should the need be. There's an abandoned park somewhat down the ways that NO one goes to anymore that's adjacent to a small stretch of woods, so that may be my best bet. If and when I can get pictures up of what I'm talking about, I'll upload them.

In a way of defending myself, well I suck hard with guns and I can't use a knife for the life of me. However, my dad (I'm keeping this whole trek to myself and people who read my blog, I don't need my parents knowing I'm going after some tall demonic creature, they all ready think I need professional help as is) said that I could use his Mumbabat. What is a Mumbabat you may be asking? It's basically just a regular baseball bat that he wrapped up in black electric tape. It's hard, it's heavy and it swings fast, I think this may just be what I need.

Now I know what some of you may be wondering. "But Anthony, why would he focus on you?" Well my readers, I have a theory that Zeke all ready touched upon. If worse should come to worse, well, people do say that the Operator Symbol is a way of marking yourself....

I'm not going to go now, but I'm preparing for when I do. Listing off stuff like this really helps me think things through.

Oh, I hope this all turns out to be worth it...

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