Thursday, February 10, 2011

Late Night Stake Out

Well, isn't it funny how some people act to devastatingly bad news? Some people cry, some people joke, some people shut themselves out, some people grab Ben and Jerry's and let the ice cream work it's magic, Justin's been a little bit of all of them...sans the Ben and Jerry's. He's not touching my Ice cream.

So I just got back from a little chat. I was getting up to use the bathroom, when, on the way back, I notice my backdoor light is on. Worse, my mumba bat isn't anywhere to be found. So I'm moving very slowly towards it, expecting the big guy himself or maybe the cloaked guy, but no, I look through the Window and see Justin just sitting there on a fold out chair, mumba bat in his hand and a cup of coffee in his hand.

I go outside, and here's the best way I can put the conversation (My mind and memory have been shit lately, so here's the best I can remember).

M (me) : Wanna tell me why you're outside in your pajamas, holding my bat when it's -3 Degrees out here?

J (Justin) : ...Just needed some room to think.

M: ...And you couldn't come into the much, much warmer house and think in here?

J: ...I like being out here better.

M: You're so damn weird. Seriously, why do you have my BAT with you? Need to bash your head with it a few times to get the thoughts a workin'?

He doesn't laugh, he never did get my sense of humor. Poor bastard.

M: Look, I know you're in a really weird place but there's a lot of people you can turn to, especially me and your brother, you know that. You don't have to isolate yourself.

J: Trust me, if you knew half the shit that was going on, you'd want me to isolate myself.

If only he knew, if only he knew...

M: You're one of my best friends, and you've been mood whiplashing more than I think I've ever seen anyone. It's kinda disconcerting. Not good to keep all the emotions and thoughts inside, you're going to need to get them out.

J: Anthony, for the love of god, if you try to go Junior Therapy on me for another second, I'm gonna hit you with this bat.

M: Okay, okay, okay, just calm down. I just wanna help.

J: *Sighs* I know, and I'm sorry. I'm's been a weird few days.

We just sit there for another few minutes, kinda akward, looking out as the moonlight hits the 3 foot high snow banks that is my back yard.

J: You ever just sit there realize something isn't right with the universe. LIke, it could be small, it could be nonexistant, it could be something big but...there was just something wrong...?

THAT...came a little out of left field. Also, very...very ominous.

M: Have you been watching reruns of the Twilight Zone again? That's not good for your sanity.

He hits me with the bat, but it's light and friendly, we have a good laugh and the question is glanced over. We look over the snow one more time before I turn to go inside.

M: Don't stay out too long, otherwise you'd catch your death.

J: Yes, mother.

I wince a little bit at that, but he laughs. It's not a good laugh either, it's a very, very bitter, hurt laugh. I see him grip th bat a little bit and bit his lip, the laughter dying. Before I go back inside...

M: Why DO you have my bat, anyway?

He doesn't talk for a second, but what he does say, sends somewhat of a chill up my spine...

J: To feel safe. You never know what kind of weird things may be out here...

So with that, I head back inside and I write this blog. For future reference of course. In case I need to look back. It's been a weird few days...and I can tell it's not over yet.


  1. Slendy doesn't like it when people feel safe. Slendy will come out and play.