Thursday, February 24, 2011

So I'm sure by the last post, some of you've figured out that Justin did a little post while I was passed out with the damn thing on my lap. So now Justin saw everything on the site, everything I've done. Shit. Shit. Shit.

I managed to wake up and see the post, assuming the worst and run off to see Justin starting to leave the house. Now, I know it sounds petty, and...pretty selfish, but I couldn't lose Justin right now, not with him being the only thing between me and an early retirement of life. And the whole being my friend thing.

For the life of me, I can't remember how the conversation went down exactly, considering I was still reeling from my coma I went into it, so I can at least remember the footnotes.

I manage to stop him from leaving the house and we get into a loud, loud fight. You know, the good old "betraying my secrets", "putting your nose where it shouldn't be", "Putting everyone in very serious danger", so on and so forth from his end. Of course I retaliate with "I'm you're best friend, you know I'd help you, you kept your share of secrets from me", so on and so forth from my end.

It's getting tricky trying to remember what happened next, but I do know we calmed down thankfully. We're sitting down and pacing, still somewhat yelling at each other like an old married couple or something. He asked why I went to his house, I said I wanted to expand my little journey, I get slapped upside the head. THAT much I remember.

He asks how long I've known about Slender Man, I can't remember the answer I give him, but he didn't seem pleased. He asks me about the "cloaked guy", and I tell him since I was at the house. He's confused by that, I'm sure we'll cross that little road when we come to it thankfully. I somehow manage to talk him into staying with me longer, since I'm sure we're both in serious danger and we're not going out there if we go our seperate ways, him with Slender Man, me with the Cloaked guy. We're better in pairs than if we weren't.

So here I am, trying to keep my eyes open from almost being awwake for 6 days straight, somehow managing to keep Justin here. As long as we both know at least what the other is up to, we may be all right...

God do I hope.

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