Sunday, February 13, 2011


I'm sitting alone in my house, my back to the wall, my bat at my hand, and Justin talking things out with Luke on the town, I think lawyers or something I don't know. All I know is my heart is beating something fierce. I'm all alone in the house, and Cloaked man is somewhere out there. I just have to pray he doesn't know where I live specifically. Of course, knowing my luck, he does. Don't they always?

I suppose I should keep from long periods of silence like I'm prone to, so maybe it would be a good idea to throw out some theories of my own about Slender Man and people affiliated with him. So get ready to hear a broken record.

I know most of you have heard the theories: That he's from another dimension, that he's brought upon life by simply thinking about him (Hell, I even read a theory somewhere along the lines of him existing if we DON'T think about him, so try to figure out THAT little paradox), that he's a child that doesn't understand what he's doing, that he's an agent for some bigger guys (From what I heard, Zalgo. So that fucking ALONE is enough to keep my up), after a while it gets tricky to understand what he's aiming for, if it's anything at all. Is he trying to exterminate all life, is he trying to liberate us, damn us, or does he just not understand what he's doing?

I'm sure most of you have this theory, but say he IS of the hostile variety, one of his biggest weapons would be his ability to destroy people mentally. How does one do that: isolation.

Almost everyone whose been affected or stalked by him has lost someone dearly, one way or another. Zeke's lost Lizzie and Eric, Jay (recently, though the theories are still up in the air about HER) lost Jessica, Jeff's lost Jessa...the list continues on. You get the idea. So that means people he's chosen he picks off those closest around them, and make them easier to pick off when they've all but dropped off the social radar.

Of course that's throwing out the idea that Slender Man tries to even stay off the radar, especially if what people said is right and the government is trying to cover him up. Now say he IS a creature of this world, and has indeed been wandering the planet as far back as Ye Olde english times, back when it seemed the most he would hunt down are the children. I have to question why now a days he hunts down college folk who at the most want to do a mini-series about work out schedule.

About his little "electronic distortion" he seems apt at doing, perhaps there are 2 factors: One ties in with what Damien said, perhaps it's not his mere PRESCENCE that gives off the loud distortion, but it's the sound that's ALWAYS around, wherever he goes. My other theory is almost the same, but instead of the static, it's another sound that's too intense for human ears, like a dog whistle. Something that can be picked up by electronics that totally rapes them and what not. Of course, the offchance that someone DOES end up hearing this unholy sound I'm sure would have intense reprocusions. Food for thought I suppose.

Now, the Proxies, or the slaves, or whatever the hell we're calling them nowadays. Many different flavors I'm sure. The hollowed, the people who get mindraped and forced to serve the big guy, and the Willing, the guys who are willing to team up with the big guy for some incredibly stupid gain. Seeing as Slender Man doesn't exactly like full on confrontation, I assume he sends these guys as little calling cards to strike fear in the chosen, or send them to take care of other chosen when the big guy has more than one thing on his plate. People like Conaghan doing it for the sake of killing again and the whole "Slender Man being a religious Messiah" that had greater things to show him, some for obviously evil reasons...well, some maybe do it because they're bored. There's enough Complete Monsters out there to do just that.

If Cloaked Dude IS a proxy (and I'm willing to bet he is), he looks like he'd be a Hollowed. The last time I saw him, he had that dull, dead look in his eyes, like there was no life at all behind them.

But here's one of my biggest ideas: Perhaps he knows what he's doing, and he's trying to do it for a good purpose. If he IS from a universe, perhaps there's something even worse on the other side that's trying to break through. Perhaps Slender Man is trying to liberate us from a fate worse than death, and this is the only way he knows how to.

But of course, this is just the ramblings of a 20 year old hick from the Mid-west. For all I know, he's secretly the Easter Bunny's uncle from the planet Zeenu or something. I don't know, this is just all kinds of theories that are likely not true. All I know is, this talk is making me paranoid, I'm gonna go do the dishes to get my mind off the mindnumbinly loud silence of my house.

Note to self: Keep the theories and the smart stuff to Dr. Cairo.

Talk to you lot later.

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